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los angeles spanish interpreter

Analysis of Spanish Speakers in Los Angeles

At Executive Linguist Agency, we do a lot of Spanish interpretations nationwide, but especially locally in the Los Angeles area.  Therefore, we have a huge network of Spanish interpreters. In fact, … [Read More...]

spanish medical translations

A Closer Look at Medical Spanish Translations

The challenge in doing Spanish translations for the medical industry is to make sure the Spanish conforms to the level of English used in the original document.   Trying to make the Spanish compatible … [Read More...]


Executive Linguist Translation Client Spotlight: UCI (University of California, Irvine)

The UCI Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders is a part of UCI Pediatrics that monitors autistic children and has been an Executive Linguist translation client since 2007. ELA … [Read More...]

spanish conference calls

How an Interpreting Agency Can Help an Interpreter Prepare for In Person Conferences and Telephonic Interpreting

There is a lot of preparation involved for interpreters who do conference calls. Adequate preparation includes a few different techniques, which will be discussed in this blog post. It is important to … [Read More...]


Medical Interpreting Cultural Conflicts and How to Overcome Them

The job of any interpreter is challenging and complex, but this is especially true for health care interpreters, as they must not only be linguistically qualified, but also sensitive to cultural … [Read More...]