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Most Requested Languages for Translation

Most people know that the Bible is the most translated book of all time. But what most people don’t know is how many languages it’s been translated into.Ask someone on the street and they’re likely to … [Read More...]

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Translation Software vs. Certified Translation Services

When language translation software was introduced, many companies thought it was the solution to all their translation needs: it would be faster and cheaper.At the same time, many translators thought … [Read More...]

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The Cost of Translation Services

This old saying is always true: You get what you pay for.There are some instances when it makes sense to get things as cheaply as possible.But would you let the lowest priced doctor operate on your … [Read More...]


How Professional Language Translation Services Can Help your Business

Professional language translation services can help any businesses gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. But when it comes to translating, most companies do it wrong. You'll see why, … [Read More...]

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Why a Translation Agency versus a Freelance Translator

When choosing a provider for your translation needs, you have two options. Option One: you can hire a freelance translator. Option Two: you can hire a translation agency. Depending on your specific … [Read More...]