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What Do Translation Companies Do?

What Do Translation Companies Do? Translation companies like Executive Linguist Agency in the Los Angeles area aim to make communication as smooth, accurate, and professional as possible between … [Read More...]

Find Experienced Interpreters for Workers’ Comp Cases

Finding interpreters is always interesting, but a couple of extra points have to be kept in mind when looking for interpreters for Workers’ Compensation claimants: Here are some ways we find good … [Read More...]

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Workers’ Compensation Translation Agency’s Top 7 Things for Claim Examiners to Remember When in Need of an Interpreter

Here are seven things to remember  when booking an interpreter -- from Sue at Executive Linguist Agency, a Workers’ Compensation translation agency that has been servicing California since … [Read More...]


Most Requested Languages for Translation

Most people know that the Bible is the most translated book of all time. But what most people don’t know is how many languages it’s been translated into.Ask someone on the street and they’re likely to … [Read More...]

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Translation Software vs. Certified Translation Services

When language translation software was introduced, many companies thought it was the solution to all their translation needs: it would be faster and cheaper.At the same time, many translators thought … [Read More...]