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Human Translation vs. Machine Translation

Human Translation: the Path to Professional Quality In the translation world, there has been significant emphasis on the development of technology and machine translations. However, the use of … [Read More...]

9 Step Translation Process

All translated documents must undergo a multi-step process from beginning to end in order to be of the high quality that is expected from translators at Executive Linguist Agency. This process might … [Read More...]

Checklist for Becoming a Better Translator

To become a better translator, you need to be more than just bilingual. Even with the best dictionary on hand, a translator may find it hard to find a suitable equivalent for a word. Translation is a … [Read More...]

Difference between Translation and Interpretation

Interpreters are not translators and translators are not interpreters. The two are not interchangeable. Specifically, a translator reads documents in one language and translates them as a new document … [Read More...]

4 Common English to Spanish Translation Errors

At Executive Linguist Agency, we are frequently asked by clients in the Los Angeles area to translate manuals and other documents from English to Spanish. Here are four common errors we have … [Read More...]